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Mountain House

New Residence
Cape Town
Two thousand and eighteen onwards

Resonance with the materiality and geography of the site, the Mountain House becomes a part of its landscape.

To provide a sense of shelter without enclosure is all that is required here – a deft touch. A pronounced concrete roof canopy provides this and creates a central look out point. The surrounding landscape is made more manifest by the presence of this canopy – a dialogue of a delicate balancing act between nature and building. 

Within the embrace of the slopes, the level on which the house is sited suggests it is neither elevated nor buried. 

The house is nestled in the landscape but not enveloped by it.

Conceived as a robust and tactile structure, the house has a sense of weightiness. The exposed aggregate of the concrete surfaces is a beautiful reminder of the primal quality of materials - broken and fragmented stone pieces come together to from a whole again.

The house comprises three distinct sections with varying roof heights and lines depending on the use of space. They surround and straddle this special location on the site, but the embrace remains tender, allowing the mountain to continue its gentle slope towards the ocean.

In resonance with the materiality and geography of the site, the Mountain House becomes part of its landscape.



Concept Sketch

Aerial View

View from mountain slopes through the house

View through house up towards the mountain

View from South-West and the approach to the house

View from North-West

Lower Level

Upper Level


Project Team
Chris van Niekerk, Ruben Rossouw, Gordon Hubbard

Structural Engineer
Inovic Structural Design 

Quantity Surveyor 
Watermarque Consulting

Chris van Niekerk