Chris van Niekerk

10+ years 100 projects

Cape Town, South Africa

20 April 2018

Architecture in a Democratic South Africa

Chris van Niekerk's B.Arch thesis entitled Extraneousness published in new book edited and convened by Prof 'Ora Joubert.

Published by Bell-Roberts, 10+ years 100 projects entails the documenting of the most meritorious design dissertations from the eight South African universities offering architectural tuition at a post-graduate level, including the submissions of the national winners of the Corobrik Student of the Year Award from 2002 to 20017. The work has not previously been assembled and the information is gradually being lost.

The content is structured according to the different Schools of Architecture and includes the following universities: TUT, UP, UJ, WITS, UFS, UCT, NMU and UKZN. Each of the 12+ submissions per university is accompanied by an introduction by an academic from these tertiary institutions, contextualising the work of that particular chapter.

The 4-page submissions, in turn, consist of a synopsis of the socio-design intentions of each the 100 projects, an academic assessment of each of the projects by the editor, and are accompanied by a series of exploratory design and technical drawings.

The result is a 480-page omnibus, and an impressive record of the current architectural discourse within our particular socio-economic and political circumstances. This book is intended to serve as a reference for South African students of architecture, and also for professionals. In its experimental and commercially unfettered form, the collection of projects is undoubtedly the most authentic barometer to gauge how radically our design priorities have shifted in recent years and where our current architectural output is situated. It moreover provides an extraordinary range of highly relevant and exceptionally innovative architectural interpretations, which would also find appeal to everyone associated with the building industry.