Chris van Niekerk

Crema Cape Town

Retail Space
Cape Town
2013 - 2014

Stereotomic organisation of objects within a space

The walls of an old storage warehouse with Georgian façade were lined in drywall to create a crisp white container in which to display the furniture and lighting for sale.

We took the decision that nothing would be permitted on the walls; instead plinths are set up in a strict four row grid-like formation within the showroom on which to display furniture at varying height like sculptures in a gallery. This imparts a organizational structure for the varying items on display.

The dynamic form of the ceiling varies in height from the façade to the middle of the showroom; it encourages movement from front to back. The walls and ceiling meet at an exact point at the frameless glass shop-front windows inserted into the facade, whose ornamental plasterwork was carefully restored to its original detail and proportions.

Project Team
Chris van Niekerk, Adriaan Lambrechts, Pierre du Plessis

Frank Nash