Chris van Niekerk

Medicape Clinic

De Waterkant
Cape Town

Clinical Makeover

We focused on maintaining a clinical quality, ensuring a sense of austerity and calm for the visitor. The brief called for the small space to appear as large as possible, with an emphasis on pristine details and junctions. The design employs light – both natural and artificial – to render the wall, floor and ceiling planes of the clinic in a restrained and almost ephemeral way.

Transparency and reflection expressed in the use of stainless steel, mirror and glass contain and reveal the limited space within and beyond the reception area that leads to two consultation rooms. As a counterpoint to these abstract materials, natural-oiled oak was used on parts of the floor and desks throughout. The tactile quality of the pebble resin floor invites a physical connection with the space.

The brief extended to the design of the logo, corporate identity and the stationery collateral for the practice.

Project Team
Chris van Niekerk, Pierre du Plessis

Chris van Niekerk