Chris van Niekerk

SABC 3 Expresso Set

Television Studios & Production Offices
Cape Town
2010 - 2011

Television Studios & Production Offices

The brief from the Client was for the creation of a real functioning space, not a traditional set. Continuous folding wall planes dematerialize the traditional corner, allowing for total spatial integration, essential to the energetic performances of the presenters and cameras moving fluidly from place to place, preventing static areas within the set.

The 400m2 interior space comprises two living rooms, fully functioning kitchen, gym, study and performance area, and back of house programme and are linked to a 400m2 wrap-around terrace, from which a lot of the show is filmed.

The show went live on air on 4 October 2010.

Project Team
Chris van Niekerk, Pierre du Plessis, Belinda Chadwick, Henry Hopkins

Chris van Niekerk, Henry Hopkins