Chris van Niekerk

40A Rose Street

Bo Kaap
Cape Town
2017 - onwards

Contemporary intervention in a highly sensitive Grade 1 National heritage site

The proposal is for a mixed-use building comprising two apartments and a retail component at the street interface. Whilst the neighbouring precedents have a raised front stoep which encroaches on the pavement, the intention with this proposal is to anchor the building at pavement level to facilitate activation with the street.

The building is a simple form sympathetic to its neighbours. The scale of the 9m tall structure is visually reduced with the simple device of the 1st floor concrete floor slab penetrating through to the facade.

The protruding slab of the 2nd floor references the traditional ornatmental white cornices found on most traditional houses in this area and oocurs in line with those of the neigbouring houses.

The building is more solid at it base and becomes gradually more dematerialised towards its crest.

The materiality of the cobble streets, shale and blue rock construction of most existing sructures is referenced with the use of mortar bagging on exposed brickwork, which imparts a rich texure and soft colour variation on the facade.

Project Team
Chris van Niekerk, Adriaan Lambrechts